Born in the city of Palermo, Italy and raised in New York, Armando Guarnera was introduced to music early in his childhood. But only being introduced to this creative art is something anyone can accomplish. It takes respect, tradition, determination and a strong work ethic to become inspired to create content that not only speaks to the masses, but also to the heart and mind. These ideals were instilled in him by his loving parents and inspirations, Grazia and Cosimo Guarnera as well as his older brothers Alessandro and Enzo Guarnera.

After a family business stalled in Italy, his father made the decision to take the family to New York to start a new life. This gave Grazia the lead way needed to pursue her own dreams in seeing her children build careers in their already musical family lineage. Armando would start playing guitar at the age of 5 and then by the age of 9 Armando and his older brothers Alessandro and Enzo would form there band MGM Guarnera Brothers, then years later his younger brothers Riccardo and Roby would join in, completing the band with five brothers, and still till this day they continue in remaining one of the most successful family in the entertainment business on the east coast.

By the time Armando turned 11, he was performing backup at Madison Square Garden and would encore there several more times. It wasn’t long before he would move on towards becoming a multi-hyphenate musical artist: writing, producing and mastering a vast array of instruments at his disposal, quenching an insatiable thirst for all things music, all by the time he was 13. He then nurtured a solo career that took him across the globe and gave him a keen insight into just how powerful an effect music can have on people of all backgrounds.

He was a student at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and temporary student at Five Towns College of New York. He also privately studied with many popular musicians of our time. Throughout the years, he has pulled together any and all musical inspirations he can find. Groups such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and countless others have contributed to his vast knowledge of music. Influenced by legends such as Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Pass, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, David Foster and others, they strengthened his need to become what he is today: a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter and musician, with many years of experience producing, mixing and engineering the sounds he was so compelled to make.


Currently with SESAC a performance rights organization, it is with his daughter Alessia that Armando starts his next step in life. For several years, he has made it his main project and collaboration to co-write music and lyrics with her to fulfill promises he has made to himself as well as to his late mother Grazia. It is his dream to express his love of music by sharing his thoughts with the audiences he plays before on stage. There has been steady and legitimate progress made to get his and Alessia’s work distributed amongst all forms of the entertainment medium. All of this work (and the work to come) has been because of his feelings about family values, morals, tradition, respect and love. That is how he wants to introduce his music to the world.